Communities of Culture 2014 St Marys Park Womens club



             Communities of Culture 2014

Being present at meetings of the Over 55 Womens Group in St Marys Park Community Centre has been a rich and rewarding experience. Although it came about through the Hunt Museums initiative, it has resulted in friendships that continue. as we listened and laughed together we heard the collected stories and wisdoms of the women. we heard their stories: stories of growing up in St Marys Park or The Island as it was more commonly known.: stories of community life, stories from women who had married Limerick me in England and found new lives and friendships in neighbourhoods with different traditions and cultures. Stories of young women who had emigrated for work and returned to the island to raise families. We listened to their contributions   to the life of their communities. Stories of affection, humour in hard times. Stories of resilience and action.