Public Worry On The Road 2014




Where to now and how to continue? I have been reading from Mari Ruti's  Re-Inventing The Soul and there seems to be a resonance for me in the references to lacks and potentials.


I am gearing up to the possibility of taking a van on the road. The subject of arts usefullness has been emerging in readings and conversations over the last few years and The possibility of making a mobile space available for use by other artists, others who are journeying or who are staying still seems to be calling.


I am visioning and dreaming of a camper van, wherever it will come from from 

I am considering the kinds of signs that would invite? or perhaps just to arrive in an area and wait and listen for whoever might choose to stop?


I am envisioning a kind of slow moving Lab/studio which would be of use as a kind of stopping space, a space to focus or allow attention to those anxieties and worries that exert paralysis and the apathy of the overwhelmed and perhaps a catalyst for shared wisdoms. Places to take stock, play the cards, meditate, talk or be silent. 


The locations may or may not be silent, in countryside or city suburbs.

I am challenged by the unpredictable aspects and I would be hopeful that I could continue to document the process as far as possible with support from The Artists of Ground Up Collective, in conversations , consultations and participation.

From Notebooks

I would like to spend some thinking time  embroidering from the texts I am drawn to just now. The idea of reflection while making continues to attract me. The ideas and thoughts of Mari Ruti, Lauren Berlant, Marjetica Portc, Stephen Wright, Montaigne, Achile Mbembe, Kaja Silverman and Nietzsche and Lacan will accompany me through the next months.