I found it hard to keep the momentum going after the intensity of the project work and it was not until the Spring of this year that I found myself again considering those space for dialogue and interraction that had been so useful through the RETURN FROM OZ work. I missed the contact with the participants who had become friends and although I had tried to engage with stakeholders in the community, it was as if the work had come to its end for now. however I continued to read and work in Social Practice. 


On March 7th, I fell from my bike and broke my collar bone which stopped me for a while, so I had plenty of time to reflect on the essence of the work and to consider further where I wanted my energy to go. I had initiated and set up a forum for women on International Women's Day around the theme of Women and Work. and although I was in A&E at the local hospital, it went ahead, leaving a trace of energy , excitement and interest in issues, which may have been considered passee, by many men and women in Limerick and Ireland. 


As a response to a project with The National Portrait Collection, housed in  the University Of Limerick, I was making again and my research brought me to a close reading of the statistics for violence against women worldwide


Every Number has a face

I spent the better part of April uploading the shocking figures of violent crime and femicide of women and girls. and wondered, not for the first time about the lack of world rage in the light of the sheer volume of deaths.​

Artists studio in Limerick, Ireland.

I transcribed the stories and the information with pen onto fine tissue paper​, marvelling at the hours I needed to write and immerse myself in the recorded lives and deaths of these women and girls. This paper in turn became the fabric of the body, the hidden body beneath the burqa, the invisible woman that Robert Fisk had listened to as she sobbed in front of him wanting him, the foreigner to hear.

The sound too when it came was low and insistant demanding effort from the spectator.

Every Number Has a Face, July,2013.

Limerick Printmakers Gallery, Sarsfield Street Limerick.